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GorillaContact is an advanced web based cold email marketing platform which contains many features which may be difficult to understand by your own in the beginning. 

Some users might find difficulty in sending emails to purchased email lists due to their past experience with other service providers. Some others are worried about account shut down due to spam complaints or high bounce rate and donot know how to handle it.  Some may be unfamiler with the power mta and linux vps and multiple ips in rotation that we use. Some donot know how to use effective subject lines and content to reduce the spam rates.

Inorder to understand it better, we offer 30 minutes live demonstration via zoom meeting where in our staff will share his/her screen with you and will explain each and every feature of gorillacontact cold email marketing suite and how you can grow your business using it.

You will also get answers to your doubts and questions related to email marketing niche in general.

We have total 12 years experience in cold email marketing niche and can help you master the techniques using which you can get more sales to your business via email marketing

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