Managed Cold Email Marketing Service – Leave the headache to experts

Choose your email database from over 175 categorized country wise databases.  Our experts will do the email server setup, software installation, subject and content optimization, creation of graphics and templates, sorting and uploading the lists, subject and content spins, IP Wamups, blasting the cold email campaigns, regular white listing of ips, server maintenance for maximum delivery rates, mail-que cleanups,  and will generate measurable results. We will also provide you an ms excel file with opened and clicked email addresses for followup via telemarketing or autoresponders or hubspot CRM import.

Why gorillacontact?

Never Hire A Freelancer For Your Cold Email Marketing Needs.

Choose From Over 175 fresh databases. 2021 Updated.

We sell each of the database for $89 to $450 in our website. You get FREE access to ALL OUR DATABASE COLLECTION when you choose managed email marketing service. Interesting thing is, you can choose upto 10 different databases – 100K records from each database for a single campaign. ie if open rate / click rate for any particular database is less, you can change the database until you get satisfactory click rate.

Server Maintanance, IP Warmup and IP white listing by experienced linux system administrators

When you purchase the cold email marketing from us and send cold emails by yourself, there are chances that you donot concentrate on proper IP Warmups or server maintanance in SSH like mailque cleanups or white listing the blacklisted ips. As a result , your server’s delivery rates may decrease over time and may not get required results. In managed email marketing service, our linux sys admins make sure that your delivery rates are high by ensuring proper maintanance of your server via SSH.

Content Writing Techniques.

When you send your campaigns by yourself, you may use subject lines and content on your own. But with past 11 years of expertise, we know how to write a successful subject line which gets maximum open rates and how to write the body of email which gets 10/10 spam score for maximum inbox delivery. More over we also implement tips and tricks in content which the anti-spam filters of ISPs like gmail will not block.


When you purchase our cold email marketing platform and send emails yourself, you have to pay money for cleaning/validating the email lists to reduce the bounce rates. Many customers send emails to unverified lists and as a result their ips get blacklisted and server gets shut down due to high bounce rates. In managed service, we do full email list cleaning using inhouse email verification tool at our site free of cost prior to sending the email campaign.


Convert Non-Opt-in Recipients to Opt-in

Purpose of our managed email marketing service is – To know the email addresses of people who are interested in your subject line. We will filter the raw email list to opt-in subscribers and will give it to you for sending followup campaigns using your CRM or email marketing software.  We donot allow your website links or brand names to be put in your email campaign. All website links and brand names has to be put in the followup email campaign sent to the opened email addresses which we deliver to you in ms excel.


What You Get

Select fresh , verified list from over 175 categories

Subject and Body spins with IP Rotation (8-16 static ips).

World Class Support via skype and whatsapp -8 hours a day 5 days a week.

Exported Opens in MS Excel Format for followup or CRM Import.

Dedicated Account Manager

Free Email List Cleaning Service using

Dedicated Linux System Adminstrator For Server Maintanance.

No worries about account shut down or blocking.


Choose A Plan That Works For You



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Cold Email Marketing is a thing which needs years of expierence and knowledge to become successful. A new bie will fail due to lack of knowledge about th proper method of doing it. Utilize the techniques which we have earned through past 11 years by choosing an appropriate plan. We know how to do it right and we will.

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